Best Five Casino In Macao-China

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What Casino de Macao is the best? We have chosen our five favorites below.

Bigger than Vegas. That is what they say about Macao lately. More fights in this ancient Portuguese colony than in other parts of the world. Now there are more than 40 casinos in Macao, from Gondola and Channel in Macao Venetian to the best water performances in the world in the city of dreams. The city even has its own version of Vegas Strip – Cotai strip.

  • Venice Casino Resort
    This is the world’s largest casino complex (bigger than anything in Las Vegas). In Macao Venice, you will find the main shopping center in the area, a 3000 room hotel and a channel that wanders along the way, Italian trips. Many visitors are only here to pretend to be in Venice. This is a complete package as a resort; There is a show at night, an excellent restaurant and Venice Hotel is one of the best places to stay in Macao. Really above and completely fun, this is the best of Las Vegas that is transported to Asia.
  • City of Dreams
    Macao’s first objective for adult players, City of Dreams forgot the Gondolier and gladiator of its competitors to offer more elegant experiences. The floor of the game is one of the greatest and best designed in the city, where you can expect to stop the elbows with high rollers. Michelin starred restaurants, luxury hotels and the best homemade performances of the city are just some of the reasons why City of Dreams is considered one of Macao’s most exclusive casinos. If you are looking for the experience of James Bond, City of Dreams is a place to take your Martini.
  • Sand Macao
    Las Vegas de Macao’s first casino did not lose its appeal. Lower than the land that Venice and City of Dreams, live bands and free drinks in Sands Macao make this casino easy to spend several hours. The Great Game Hall has all the attractions of aircraft savings, but that means that there are several types of tables and minimum bets that will not damage the bank. The location is right next to the Ferry Macao/Hong Kong dock means comfortable for a day trip, but you can flood on Fridays and Saturday night with a business man from Hong Kong.
  • Wynn Macao
    Smaller, but smarter than most of its rivals, Wynn Macau is a great roller where they will spray their cash. Millions of dollars are attached to the vases of the wall era and Qing adorn the hotel lobby, while the designer curve makes it one of Macao’s most interesting casinos. Inside you will find a table with expensive minimum bets and a high roller space that is said to be one of the most exclusive in the city. This is a casino that is worth seeing, but can adhere to the slot machine.
  • Grand Lisboa
    This is the original Macao. Before the importation of Las Vegas arrived, Grand Lisboa was the largest agreement in the city. The Michelin Star restaurant and the five -star hotel rooms are proof of its success. However, Grand Lisboa remains the most attractive because the casino offers less luxury and more gambling. Warren’s rooms hide hundreds of tables and many large rollers. The focus is to show your card instead of seeing a program. This is the best place in the city to enjoy the most classic experience of the Macao casino.

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